With beauty as a foundation, I developed the alter ego of {N!X}, a postmodern oracle providing as many answers as questions. A long-term multidisciplinary project with visual, textual, sonic and spatial outputs.

This is, together with Composals, one of my year-long focus projects in 2020: different instances are used to build iterations of the creative process.

____ (stil)

An investigative project towards the understanding of an archive as a structure of sound and silence, of presence and absence, of power and marginality-
and counteracting this structure with fiction methods.

A case study in this project was the genocide on 21 homosexuals in 1731, led by Rudolf de Mepsche. During this project I've worked a lot with the Groninger Archieven to develop an understanding of the real archival world.


For After Hiroshima, Kelsey Corby and I presented our performance ATOM. A fictional atomic office, with the shiny long rocket as the climax point. The performance was a continuation in my research towards the document as a disciplining agent.

Our two "interns", Marciano Riffo Zambrano and Xander Waalewijn, cooperated as general assistants, as well as providing a photographic documentation of the event, carefully instructed by Kelsey and me.


A group performance, reenacting various actions of advertising on the surface of a window. Part of a research on image-based communication and glass as interface.

Cast: Samantha Pellarini on camera, Mojca Zupancic on bass, Rugiero di Luisi on drums, Luca Polizzi on guitar, Rəfiq Abbasov on voice, Michiel Teeuw on paper.

Click here for documentation.


A series of small web experiments, focusing on interactivity, color and sound. A list:

- photomap (with Tyrone van der Heide)
- grit01 (flash warning)
- sirc01 (flash warning)
- sirc02 (flash warning)
- floats (flash warning)

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