For Forum VERS, which organises events by and for millenials, I developed a new visual identity and promotion, working with bold colors and 3d animation. For the events, I've worked a lot with a variety in projections, social media, print and products.

Visit the VERS site to see our latest events, information and videos.

Photo by Niels Knelis Meijer.

A Choreography of Hazard

A self-initiated project, started shortly after the recent COVID-19 outbreak in the Netherlands. A public set of instructions, ranging across different media, focused on spreading awareness, information and action.

This is an ongoing project, which can be followed via instagram and the official website.


For Wilbert van de Kamp's talkshow "HELP!?", I developed an audiovisual identity with sound artist Kenrik Veenstra. I also created a unique way of analogue live visuals, using print graphics, scissors, and a webcam.

Check our website for the upcoming editions of HELP!?.

Photo's by Susan Pathuis.


METAMEDIA is a non-linear book in the broad sense of the word: a collection of papers, a viewable object, a media archive, a self- referential object, a narrative, a tree, a poem, a random moment, etc

Aiming to create an experience that's interactive at it’s core, METAMEDIA shows a collection of images that can be overlayed, combined, cropped, compared and more: a visual toolset, for you to create your own images.


For Poëziebus, I developed a bookform for the poetry publication Dwalen Door Groningen, focusing on creating a tactile feel and a diverse typography. The bundle collected different poems from various writers, who spent one day in Groningen and transformed their experiences into poetry. In the page corners, I've mapped the locations of the poems.

Go to the Poëziebus site to order a copy.


For KopjeK's New Year's Eve party, I developed sparkling typographic visuals, announcing the new decade in a wide array of colors. I gave myself the challenge of making the letterforms on a typographic grid, and used random combinations of a color palet I've set up.

The letters are based on a mosaic, which makes each letter simple in it's geometry.

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