A Choreography of Hazard was produced by Michiel Teeuw in march and april 2020.

credits and crew
Performance by Eric and Claudia from Renderpeople. Compositions I, II and III are narrated by Klaudija Ylaite. Video soundtrack is Inspired by Kevin MacLeod. Testing by Jan Herman de Boer, Helia Rafie, Celina Vogensen, Samantha Pellarini, Zjuul Wiersema, Karina Sheikh, and Hendrik Hantschel.

publications and press
27 mar 2020 - premiere video Composition I: Graph Dances on online art platform homescreen.
28 mar 2020 - publication posters short distance romance and wash your hands on COVID-19 poster platform Stay Sane Stay Safe by Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn

sources and credits
the exercise horizontality is based on Flatten the Curve. the exercise volatility is based on How Interest Rate Hikes Will Trigger The Next Financial Crisis (Jesse Colombo, Forbes, 2018). the exercise generationality is based on Intergenerational Solidarity, a work by Ted Hunt.