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About my practice

My practice consists of different parts that interact and overlap with each other. Click to get to know more:

My artistic practice consists of a growing array of image, text and action. I want to foster a tactile, critical and direct engagement with the systems around us. How do you relate to the social, political and physical systems that you encounter on a daily basis? I feel stimulated by complex and many-sided topics.

My design work mostly consists of print and online publications. I love to work with researchers, artists and other people who have lots of content and ideas. For me, there is a creative challenge in taking a big pile of information and communicating it clearly to the reader.

I love to bring people together. I have previously organised art festivals, nightclubs, reading clubs and performance nights. Creating a shared space for exchanging ideas is a very important part in my process.

I write about art through interviews, correspondences and essays that border on fiction. I have written for Kunstpunt, Jegens & Tevens, Dagblad van het Noorden and Academie Minerva.