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w/ Lily Dollner

I Sat Above And Below The Ground - video still
A group of unknown beings have taken settlement. We invite you to witness their ceremony, among a collection of artefacts, syllables, materials, movements, mirrorings and inscriptions.

I Sat Above And Below The Ground is the result of a collaboration I took on with visual artist Lily Dollner. Through setting up several algorithms, rulesets, and expeditions, we generated a collection of objects and according rituals. By complying with alternative intelligences, things inexplicably got concrete - objects lost and gained purpose and meaning, and were integrated in the past and future. In this, we were moved by the instructions and boundaries that were set.

Collected objects
After a process of multiple relocations, we ended up organising our exhibition in an abandonded building in Groningen's busiest shopping street. The building, previously a men's clothing store, turned excavational, bare, like something had happened. It became a site of desolate future ruins, where all of the present had fully passed. And in this landscape, three beings landed.

I Sat Above And Below The Ground, video stills

Wood scratch tools and rattly bones Metal scratch tools and resonators
Wood tablets
Wood scratch tools

Throughout the process, a group of objects and things emerged, in which functionality and sculpturality pushed against each other. These semi-tools also fluctuated from being placed clinically in space to violently being used as tools to smash and scratch.
I Sat Above And Below The Ground - Reprise. Installation close-ups.

Untitled I, Lily Dollner Untitled II, Lily Dollner
title: I Sat Above And Below The Ground
with: Lily Dollner
performers: Quang Huy Tran
Aleksandra Winslow
Gabriele Dubrovinaite
film recording: Ana Bob
funded by: UpNorth, SELF Collective
with thanks to: ZIP, Ingeborg Struyk, TIMNOTSIMON, Jan Herman de Boer, Karina Bakx, James Joyner, Lorenzo, Ren Sheikh, Ewoud Verelst, Joris Witvliet and Klaas Kloosterhuis
shown at: (1) I Sat Above And Below The Ground
Independently organised exhibition
Herestraat 72, Groningen, NL
28 nov 2020

(2) De Broeikas
interdisciplinary festival
Westerkerk, Friesland, NL
11 sep 2021
working period: 07/2020 - 12/2021