COLLECTIVE - Cover close-up
COLLECTIVE is a publication reflecting on the exchange network that Kunsthuis SYB and Stichting VHDG organised in 2020, bringing together 25 artists. In online group sessions, the participants discussed each other's work and formed new insights. The publication gathers written reflections by 5 artists / writers / critics, approaching their experiences as participants from vastly different perspectives.

cover design
several spreads
In terms of typography and style, I wanted to reflect the collectivity of the group. To higlight the connections between the different people mentioned in the publication, all names are marked and connected. Similarly, the two fonts I selected are built up of lines as well. The artistic relations between the participants are also shown in a more "photographic" way: for each of the chapter opening pages, I created an overlay of all of the artists contributions.

layout for Henrike Scholten's A toast to the hypothetical
corner close-ups
layout for Henrike Scholten's A toast to the hypothetical

client:Kunsthuis SYB,
Voorheen de Gemeente,
Lola Diaz Cantoni
file under:book design
fonts by:Anthony by Sun Young Oh via Velvetyne
Gap Sans by Alexandre Liziard & Étienne Ozeray
photo assistance:Huy Quang Tran
working period:06/2021 - 12/2021