govan deepmap

Govan Deepmap - Map close-up
The Govan Deepmap presents a deep mapping of the Govan Graving Docks in Glasgow, Scotland. In this area, previously used for industry, architect and researcher Imogen Humphris set out to map which things are happening right now. The map offers a portrait of the area, its different users, and their stories - in particular focusing on the voices of individuals who often aren't heard in debates on the future of this area. Instead of thinking of the site as empty and dead, the deep mapping shows all of the life in it.

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closeup of a sketch that Imogen made on-site
homepage of the websitepage dedicated to "Loch Absence" drawings
Imogen approached me with a huge pile of sketches, texts, videos, drawings, and a gigantic black and white ink work. In order to deal with this database, I developed a method of working in which Imogen and I put the pieces together very collaboratively. By starting out with a printed version of the entire database, and rearranging, narrating and annotating this, the layout of the map followed.

section of an interview
One of the possibilities of working digitally, is working in a non-linear way. In all of the interviews, Imogen highlighted several terms. These bring you, through association, to another section of another interview. This way, you keep being teleported throughout the site.

Some of Imogen's sketches, processing the interviews and their themes.
title:Govan Deepmap
client:Imogen Humphris
file under:website design
working period:2021