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VERS is the Youth of Groninger Forum, organising events by and for Groningen youth. Based on G2K's graphic identity for Forum, I developed a bright and rebellious visual style for VERS' promotion and events. The style combines a sharp magenta with an energetic yellow, coming together in bold and minimal graphics.

VERS sock design i.c.w. 4X4.
animations for event VUTURE
animation for VERS: LOVE INCLUDED
intro for Share Your Talent
For a lot of the events VERS organised, I created specific themes using (3D) animation, combined with typography. These were displayed on social media, in the Forum building, and during the events - creating a continuous and recognizable experience.
stickers for event VUTURE
title:Forum VERS
client:Forum Groningen
file under:branding,
promotional design
original identity by:G2K
with thanks to:Daphne de Bruijn,
Afra Rijkhoff,
Josine Zuidema
working period:2018-2020