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Of Orb's Core, Installation View
Commisioned by the Universitary Medical Centre Groningen for the exhibition Passage, the work Of Orb's Core is a fairytale of hope, renewal and magic. The works evolves around the head-shaped sculpture Het Rode Geheim, that Sigurdur Gudmundsson made for the new hospital entry in 1998. The sculpture itself consists of a big granite faceless head, surrounded by rocks. In the work, we find a group of beings, wandering the sky, who come together around a head that's in a critical state. Can it still end well? Where do they get the hope from?

Of Orb's Core - video stills
ec hopada, ec hopadia
fiecare luna e ou mica
fiecare sfera e membrana
cerul este la margine
inima, un soare de retinut
ec hopada, ec hopada
amintiti-va de soarele inimii ...

ec hopada, ec hopadia
coaja de miez (se) cade iar,
soarele rasari, tremura
cantec de leagan, speranta
inima tematoare, moale
ec hopada, ec hopada
inmoaie-ti toata inima ...

ec hopada, ec hopadia
fiecare luna e ou mica
cu caldura si rabdare
va trosni si un mic soare
dand caldura, si speranta
ec hopada, ec hopadia
fiecare speranta un nou rasarit

Ec Hopada (Constantine), lyric

Ec Hopada (Constantine)

Of Orb's Core, Installation View

Of Orb's Core, Installation View

eggs select (after Sigurdur)

eggs align (after Sigurdur)

swirl (ritual outcome)

title: Of Orb's Core
performers: Olivia d'Cruz
Alin Rotaru Segall
Sofia Murillo Lommers
Isey Jitske Mous
3d animations: Gustavo Freoli
music & sound: Pieter Lam
thanks to: Nicole Kuiper, Aisha Hachem, Designdays
shown at: Passage
Group exhibition
m/ Lily Dollner & Feije Duim
UMCG, Groningen, NL
11 oct 2021 - 20 feb 2022

working period: 06/2022 - 10/2022