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... of the exhausted

exh-sys-02 (video still)
... of the exhausted is an ongoing research on exhaustion, breathing out and the resting body. Sporadically, gatherings are organised to promote non-work, deflating the body and sensing what remains.

exh-sys-02 (video stills)
exh-sys-01 (score)

exh-sys-02 (video still)

exh-sys-03 (photos)

(to be continued)

title: ... of the exhausted
(previously Nation of the Exhausted)
performers exh-sys-01: Aaron, Aisha, Bernd, Celina, Feije, Jelte, Jochem, Lorenzo
performers exh-sys-02: Aisha, Hille, Jesse, Lorenzo, Michiel
performers exh-sys-03: Abby, Hille, Luuk, Michiel, Soph, Wilbert
camera exh-sys-02: Lily Dollner
camera exh-sys-03: Marciano Riffo Zambrano
shown at: (1) Listen to the Sound of Earth Spinning (UK)
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working period: 02/2021 - now