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HELP - bumper intro
HELP is a hands-on talkshow, presented by Wilbert van der Kamp and Eva Waterbolk. Each episode, different guests are invited to help our audience with themes such as underpayment, discrimination, and the housing crisis. This is often done in a practical way, and never without a bit of humor and irony.

Artist TIMNOTSIMON reading a text on underpayment in the cultural sector
logo's for different sections of the show
The visual identity I developed for HELP is inspired by the visual language of powerpoints and pop culture, with the aim to give the show a light-hearted and friendly feel. With a hint of irony, the logo's balance between the typographic and the banal. A highly saturated color palette binds everything together.

panel discussion during HELP Afl. 3: MACHT.
In the background, you see me cutting out a gigantic E.
During each talkshow, I make an "offline powerpoint", in which I cut, fold and draw visual and graphic elements to create an image on the backdrop of the stage. This adds for a fun element for visitors of the show, giving a sense of live action and even performance to the design.

song lyrics for the talkshow theme song
title:Talkshow HELP
client:Forum Groningen,
Grand Theater
file under:promotional design,
live graphics
help is:Wilbert van der Kamp,
Yvonne Zeegers,
Eva Waterbolk,
Kenrik Veenstra,
Michiel Teeuw
photo 1:Susan Pathuis
photo 2+3:Mark Vletter
working period:2019 - now