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Miltvuurbosjes is a website documenting Janne van Gilst's spring 2021 residency at Kunsthuis SYB. Vanessa van 't Hoogt, part of the SYB circles program, initiated the website form to give a look "behind the scenes" of the working process.

With the design, I responded to Janne van Gilst's cyanotype photographs by developing several white-on-blue floorplans, which the viewer can navigate - as if they're walking through the building itself. On them, different snippets of the working process and its methodics are revealed.

For the website's start screen (above), I collaborated with Janne to develop a cyanotype design, adding some materiality and touch.

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grid display of the cyanotypes.

essay by Vanessa van 't Hoogt.

[This website] generates knowledge about Janne’s workspaces (‘mise en place’) and process of making. You can indirectly experience the process of making a Cyanotype, which we hope you will enjoy. Even though you are sitting still in front of your computer, we invite you to feel like you are participating in the movement you observe in the still and moving images.

Vanessa van 't Hoogt, Behind the Scenes

One of the photo's. In the surrounding of Kunsthuis SYB, Janne set out to document several of these anthrax groves, and talk with scientists and inhabitants of the area about them.

floor selector, based on photo's of the selector, based on constructional floorplans of the building.

print handout.

in the dry the attic.

typographic close-up.

title:Miltvuurbosjes - behind the scenes
client:Kunsthuis SYB
file under:website design,
with:Janne van Gilst,
Vanessa Bakhuizen-van 't Hoogt
working period:04/2021 - 09/2021