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the last sound yet

cover close-up
The Last Sound Yet is a publication by artist Siem de Boer, accompanying his installation I am a thousand kilometers wide. Through fictional research logs, poetry, images and theory, the book invites you on a research into omni-sensualism, or experiencing the world through all senses.

From the author:

Within ocular-centrist society the other senses are somewhat overlooked and subjugated, this leaves marks across our perceivable world but also within culture and arts. Through the lens of music and sound The Last Sound Yet tries to find a connection point between the importance of sound in our world today, and the possibility of sound as a emancipated sense in the art of tomorrow.

cover design
various spreads
Throughout the book, poetry, theory, fiction and images rapidly succeed each other. In order to make this experience into a cohesive whole, I assigned a specific color palet and layout to each type of spread: the poetry spreads throughout light and airy pages, while the logs appear on a darker background. The whole book is brought together through only using yellow and black ink, which makes for a mossy and saturated color palet.
close-up of poetry
typographic closeups
close-up of poetry
title:the Last Sound Yet
client:Siem de Boer
file under:book design
working period:2021 - 2022